February 2015

The year has barely begun and it feels like stories like ours are everywhere: a nationwide flu epidemic, a continuing whooping cough crisis in California, and a major measles outbreak that has spilled over into several states. Use our stories as a resource to tell the human side behind the numbers. Februay 8-14 celebrate Preteen Vaccine Week! Check out Carron’s (HPV) Story or Tyler’s (meningitis) story.

Later this month, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices will discuss possible new recommendations for a 9-valent HPV vaccine and B-strain meningitis vaccines.

Stories in action: Last month, An Early Childhood Coaltion from Alaska requested use of Kaliah’s story to on a sandwichboard in the waiting room of a WIC program as part of immunization education for program participants. Great idea!

Together we can stop disease!

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